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A smart messaging app with incredible autocomplete features.

Project description

A fictional app with incredible features

In the digital age, there’s a growing need to communicate more efficiently. Based on machine learning algorithms, auto-chat offers a solution to this challenge, through a creative, agile and high-quality messenging app that automates the choice of the most appropriate word for every situation.

Not everyone has the chance to be interesting, especially when talking with text messages. With auto-chat, you can find exactly the word you need, among the millions of words in your language. lts features include writing in the style of someone else, among a list of the best writers in the world. lt also contains a persona! assistant who gives you smart advices to help you to improve your communication skills.

Challenging the way we think about communication

The purpose of this fake app is to question the daily use we make of autocomplete features. It highlights how the way we write can be affected by these suggestions, for better or for worst. Finally, it gives a glimpse of how manipulative and manipulable we can become.