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Chili design

What is chili design ?

"Chili design" gathers three design principles for designing algorithm-based technologies in the era of ubiquitous computing (like recommender systems or mobile apps). Those principles are the conclusion of a research work conducted at HEAD - Geneva, and centered on the design of autocompletion systems (Conversing in the era of autocompletion, in french). It can be sum up in three points : using technology as a tool for innovativeness by creating a disturbing experience, and through a visible interface.

The three principles of the "chili" technology are the followings.

Chili design principles

One goal : innovativeness

Technology should not be used as a problem-solver, but to allow different ways of looking at the things.

A disturbing user-experience

An automated system should not act in the background. It should push the user a little bit and confront him.

A visible interface

The GUI is not a decoration layer and its value should never be minimized. It has to help the user to understand how the system operates.